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Siri & Layton Benton – lesbian affair [Sweetheart Video]

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Layton simply cannot believe her eyes when Siri comes and knocks on her door. As it turns out, Siri has had an affair with Layton's husband, and has come to apologize in person. And now that the husband has left Layton for Siri, there's another problem... Siri thinks he might be cheating on her. Layton is bitter, and doesn't know whether to laugh or to punch Siri in the face. But she does understand what Siri is going through. When Siri gets up to leave, the two share a hug and Layton forgives her.There's a spark between them, and they share an intense kiss. Smiling, Layton drags Siri with her to her bedroom. They lay down and the kissing continues as they slowly undress each other. Both of the women have big, natural tits and of course they both start licking and sucking each other's luscious tits and nipples. After some hot build up, Layton finally takes Siri's panties off and starts licking her luscious, pink pussy. She licks for a short while, before Siri all horny gets her turn to lick Layton. The black beauty moans in pleasure as the redhead licks her for a lengthy while, nearly leading to climax.They share another hot kiss, including more nipple and tit licking, all the while their hot bodies rub together. It slowly turns into a tribbing session, big tits jiggling as they rub their pussies against each other. They moan and kiss while trading leading duties in their lengthy tribbing action, before Siri finally goes down on Layton yet again. Moaning in intense pleasure, Layton is led to climax by the busty redhead, before they lay alongside one another, kissing until we fade to black.